Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Special

Like many Americans, I watched the Super Bowl yesterday. All in all, it was a very good game. The Packers should have been a bit more dominant, a team that gives you three turnovers is practically handing the game to you. However for whatever reason, it seemed almost like Green Bay wanted to make sure that the game was interesting.  Few players actually played as well as they should have. Packers Receivers were dropping balls left and right, killing drives and keeping Pittsburgh in the game. On a final thought, I am sorry Pittsburgh, but that hit was clean, deal with it.

As for the commercials the other reasons that people watch this game. I’d say they were pretty good this year.  One of my favorites was the Doritos one with the pug. A man is trying to call his girlfriends pet pug with Doritos in order to get him to run into Glass. It turns out the Pug is able to knock over the door and take the Doritos from the guy while giving him a crushed face. My mom and step dad’s pet pug approved.  Also up there was the Emeinem commercial featuring Detroit. I liked this one a lot. It is a very in your face and gritty proclamation of pride from a city that has a lot to be proud though it has been struggling lately. My biggest favorite however, is the one with kid in the Darth Vader costume trying to Force Push/Grip numerous things only to have his dad start the car with his key chain and make him think he did it. I know it is cute and all and I was one of many people that wanted to be a Jedi when he was a kid, but seriously. This kid is wearing a Darth Vader costume, do we really want to encourage this behavior. What if he tried to Force choke the dog?
All in all, I had a good time, watched some football, stuffed myself on food that was not good for me and spent time with my family. It was a very good day.