Sunday, January 9, 2011

Casting Aside Childish Things

Today I have done something that I probably should have done a long time ago. I have listed many of my old role paying game books on eBay.
Back in my college days, I was a bit of a geek. As a matter of fact in many ways I am still a geek. I like anime; I played weird Japanese videogames and computer RPGs.  I was also a big player of pen and paper RPGs as well, especially White Wolf’s Word of Darkness Series. I remember having a lot of fun making up adventures with my friends and even playing on online chats, which I still do to this day, even though I do not have as much time as I once did. I generally have a lot of fond memories of my books like many gamers do.
Sadly however, one cannot live on memories alone.  The past two years have been a difficult time for me economically. I am working but none of my jobs are truly full time and hours are sporadic at best. As such, my income fluctuates wildly and I have very little savings.  My books are some of the most valuable possessions that I have in monetary terms. With my current situation, I really have no choice but to sell them.
It is rather sad really, I really enjoyed the times I had in the universes that I once played around in. I still have character ideas in my head, waiting for a game to take life in. But, I shall have to pay my bills first. Hopefully, if my situation improves, I might buy these books back or maybe download them online. If I can do that, maybe I might be able to have some fun with them again. Until than however, I shall have to put away childish things.

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