Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Most Post Mordern Post on this Blog

I know that it has been a while since I wrote in this blog but the thing is that I have been rather busy as of late. I have had a lot of time at work, which is by the way a very good thing. But it also means that I have had a tough time find the mental fortitude to keep writing.
All in all, I have rather enjoyed the idea of having a blog. It has given me something to do on day in which I have not worked. And also it gives me the opportunity to really doing something really smart and creative. Ever since I graduated from school, I have been looking for things that have made me feel, well, smart. But that is kind of hard when you are working in a parking lot, or parroting some survey while trying to make sure the 82 year old lady on the other end of the line understands you. The fact that I have a small, okay very small following right now actually makes me feel rather good.
As many of you have realized right now. I kind of have a thing for current events, which is why most of my posts have been on them. Whenever something on the news draws my attention, I am away at my laptop pounding away. I hope that I add something important to the conversation. And if I don’t at least I am practicing for when I do.
Right now as you noticed this seems to be a very apolitical post. This is because I have been away from my blog for so long that I have been struggling to find things to write about. Well I have already written about the Arizona shooting. Perhaps I can talk about Southern Sudan or the situation in Haiti one year from the day of the quake over there. I have some ideas right now that I have started writing, so perhaps I shall have something later tonight.
This post is actually more about unclogging my writers block than anything. It is me getting into the mode of writing again so that I can actually get used to putting thoughts on paper. So there you have it, the most post- modern post in this blog.

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