Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Thoughs on Healthcare Reform

Well I just received a letter from my health insurance company informing that, for the about the fifth time since I joined them, they shall be raising my premiums to about $132.00 a month. This is only about three months after they raised it from $98.00 to $115.00 and  six months after it went up from $95.00 to $98.00. This is honestly something that I can no longer afford and, as soon as I can get an appropriate replacement, I shall cancel. I am through with Aetna, done.

Wasn't Obama's health care reform bill supposed to prevent these people from doing this sort of thing? Weren't  premiums supposed to go down? There seems to be allot of "I told you so" coming from the GOP lately. I guess that winning an election will do that to you. But honestly it seems as though Obamacare is almost dead on arrival. It is to much government for the Republicans and not enough for the extreme left wing of the Democrats, who shall accept nothing less that a total government take over of health care. I am actually not so sure about this one, I would prefer to be able to choose my own doctor and to get treatments when I need them not when some bureaucrat says I can. Also, implementing an completely new and different system and the taxes needed to pay for, especially in this economy seems to be more than we can reasonably bare.  While at the same time, it is pretty damn clear that the current system is FUBAR.

Its almost seems to me that the only really practical and realistic approach to this issue is for the rest of the nation to adopt what has worked for the past 35 years in my home state of Hawai'i. Which is to require employers to provide health insurance to all employees that work more the 20 hours a week. The results relatively effective as Hawai'i, a state where everything is a expensive as hell is tied with North Dakota for the lowest premiums in the nation. Keep in mind however that this is probably the only thing my home state has every done right. I am very much a product of Hawai'i's public education system, and my spelling on this blog shows it.

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