Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hollywood Special

Well, I was just poking around Yahoo News and I found not one but two short little news articles that I found interesting.
The first one was history in the making. Apparently North Korean television showed its first ever western movie. For those of you who want to know it was Bend It Like BeckhamRead the article here. I have not actually seen this movie so I cannot say anything else about it. The big shock I am sure for many of you was that there is television in North Korea. But to be semi serious for a moment one would point out of the big ironies of this. While western movies may be a novelty in the Hermit Kingdom, the Dear Leader Kim Jong Il is an avid movie buff. He is rumored to have a thing for the Austin Powers series and to really love westerns. He loves westerns some much that he actually learned to shot a revolver from the hip, a skill which is absolutely useless in a real fire fight but looks cool on camera. Well, I guess what the Dear Leader wants, he gets.

The second thing that has got me going is that it seems as though past his prime actor Val Kilmer owes about $500,000 in back taxes to the IRS. Knock yourself out and read it here.  I know that the man has serious issues in regards to mere mortals but really no matter how big of a star you are, you really should not mess with Uncle Sam. They have already put a lien on his ranch in New Mexico where he had been living and had been hoping to sell for about $33 million (he has since lowered his price to $18.5 million I guess the economy is getting to everyone). Val Kilmer, a man who is such an jerk that one of the main reasons why George Clooney was chosen to be a part of Batman and Robin was because no one wanted to work with Kilmer again. He is a man whose only redeeming grace was that he as able to show up Tom Cruise in Top Gun by playing Iceman so gay that the entire film would set the gold standard for gay camp in the 80’s. He is finally getting what he so rightly deserves. I hope the tax man rips him a new one.

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