Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where is YOUR Birth Certificate

While I was looking through CNN’s website I found an article that interested me. It seems as though the new Governor of my home state of Hawaii Neal Abcrombie has declared war on the birthers.You can read the article here He  promises  that he shall release as many documents as legally permissible to prove once and for all the Barrack Obama was born in Hawaii and thus eligible to be President. All I have to say about this is that it is about time.
My own personal politics are somewhat right of center.  I am a register Republican with somewhat libertarian leanings. That being said, from the very beginning I found the whole birther thing to be ridiculous. I mean do we seriously believe that someone could have made it though some of the most vigorous security checks with a forged or inadequate birth certificate, or that countless officials from the government of the State of Hawaii would commit perjury and say that he was born there. To say nothing of the fact that his mother was a natural born US citizen which renders this whole debate moot, or that they cannot even answer the simple question as to why the Democratic Party would even go through the trouble of propping up a candidate that was not qualified in an election year when any Democrat with a pulse would have won. This is stupidity at its best. The sad thing is that I cannot help but think that this is all nothing more than code for the real reason they refuse to accept him as president.
Before I say anything more, I would like to add to the fact that I personally never liked Abcrombie. He is an aging hippie who is entrenched in the political machine that is one of the reasons why Hawaii is a dysfunctional mess. That being said I am with him on this one. Since he knew both of Obama’s parents and actually remembers him being born. It is kind of personal for him as well, since these people are calling his parents liars. Sadly I doubt that anything that Abcrombie does shall really do anything to silence the birthers. They believe what they believe because they want to believe it. It allows them to go on and continue to believe that a dark skinned man with a funny name cannot possibly be their president.


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