Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Return of the King

As many of you may already know, Lebron James returned to Cleveland for the first time since his fateful decision in July to join the Miami Heat. To say that the welcome he received was less than warm would be an understatement. There are many people who have not liked Lebron  all that much since left Cleveland. However, I believe that much of the hostility is unwarranted. It is na├»ve at best, hypocritical at worst.
First of all, many people seem to forget that professional sports is first last and foremost a business, a very cut throat and merciless business.  One were there is no real loyalty at all. Let us make no mistake, the organization of the Cleveland Cavaliers would have cast Lebron aside and forgotten him had he not turned out to be the awesome raw talent that he appeared to be when he came out of Vincent St. Mary’s. Don’t stalinize your memories to make yourselves feel better, Cleveland. The Cavs were a laughingstock before Lebron arrived and became contenders largely as a result of him carrying the team on his back.
And that is why Lebron ultimately left Cleveland.  The Cavaliers might as well have called themselves the Cleveland Fighting Lebrons. The General Management of the Cavaliers in seven years had done nothing to try and build a team around Lebron except perhaps throw him a bone by pairing him with a past his prime Shaq.  They did not care about winning a title; all they cared about was riding the Lebron James gravy train until the wheels fell off.  They had their chance to try and bring home a title or two with one of the greatest basketball players of the past decade AND THEY BLEW IT. I am sorry Cleveland but LEBRON JAMES HAD NO MORAL OBLIGATION TO RESIGN HIMSELF TO BEING THE DAN MARINO OF THE NBA JUST TO MAKE YOU PEOPLE HAPPY.
Lebron did what was best for Lebron. He went to a team that was willing to do what was needed to win an NBA title. Whether they actually succeed is something that we shall not know until some later time.  But it is more of a plan the Gilbert had, and his asinine, childish tantrum after the decision to stoke the fire of anger in Cleveland reveals the turn character of that man and just how fickle and childish people are.  Lebron James gave the city of Cleveland and a Cavaliers Organization seven years of his life. The Cavs gave him little if anything in return, and when he decided to go and get something better for himself, he is the bad guy. Perhaps what Gilbert and many in Cleveland are so mad about is that their boy ran off the plantation.

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