Friday, November 26, 2010

Are we all in deep Kimchi?

Well reading the papers again and watching the news. It seems as though North Korea is starting up trouble again. I have long since trying to put the actions of the particular country's leaders into rational logical terms. The only thing I can really think of is that Kim Jong Il has decided that if his whole country is screwed he might as well take us (or at least South Korea) down with him. I seriously hope that things do not become as bad as they appear to be. However, between Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan and just how soft and spoiled we have all become, part of me doubt if we even have the resources or the resolve needed for what may be coming. We are talking about a petty tyrant with nukes that lives like a king while his own people starve. He is a man who is threat to the liberty and prosperity of one of the most free and democratic societies in all of Asia. The people of South Korea would be starving along with their Northern cousins had we not saved them sixty years ago. But can we live with the idea of losing more people in the first two weeks of a Second Korea War and in all of Iraq and Afghanistan combined. Part of me doubts that that America even exists anymore. I hope I am wrong, I really am.

On a more positive note, I got paid at TJ Maxx today and I just bought my bus pass for December so now I can enjoy another month of Sacramento County's chronically underfunded public Transportation service. For only $100 a month you to can enjoy spotty inadequate bus service that only runs every 30 min to every hour up until the oh so convenient time of 9:00 PM. All thanks to massive budget cuts brought to you by the State of California: passing its budget's late since 1990.

No I am not bitter bu when you consider the fact that a work a job at night the ends at 9:00 it does seem rather inconvenient. What makes it more annoying is that this a a company that is also trying to expand its light rail to the Airport and is putting signs on train stations. I would think that is they had money for that they could have money to keep their service running a little longer, say til at midnight like you know, they used to. But what do I know.

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