Sunday, November 28, 2010

I Guess Nothing is Free

Well, I am still looking for things that can bring traffic to this blog. After all, one hopes that I am not just sounding off to the thin air and not being  heard anyone in particular. As such, I am most thankful for the thirty five or so people that have come by and read me.
In response to this I decided to make and ad for my blog on Facebook. First, I was struggling to find some way to say what I wanted to say with in the character limit restrictions. Than, after that was done, I decided to get my blog to reach as many people as I could. I was up to about 180 million people with the settings I had selected. Finally, it came time for the part I did not think of, paying for it. They wanted to have me pay about $50.00 a day or $1.94 a click.

Really people, $50.00 a day for a picture and about two to three sentences. Come one, sure it can't be that much. Well I guess people have to make money some how. I know I have to do so. All and all, I am grateful to those who have visited so far. I shall be looking into other options and if any one has any ideas. Please feel free.


  1. This is Facebook we're talking about. You might as well be trying to get an ad in during the Olympics.

  2. Point Well Taken. I have learned my lesson.