Saturday, November 27, 2010

See How the Broncos Have Fallen

I have a small confession to make. I did not watch the Boise State versus Nevada game last night. I was so certain that a Bronco victory/coronation was such a fait acompli , that I tuned into  a Law and Order UK marathon and worked on my blog. How wrong I was, oh man how wrong I was. It goes to show just how much things can change from just one game in college football, especially if you are a mid-major/non-AQ/whatever ESPN decides is the politically correct term this week. Boise has gone from the Rose Bowl to the Humanitarian Bowl all in the space of a few botched kicks. The clock has struck midnight, coach has become a pumpkin and Boise is reminded that they are not considered one of the big boys. If you are not an AQ school than nothing less than perfection is good enough if you have ambitions above playing in the Sid’s Tires Pocatello Bowl.
On the positive side however, especially if my Warriors beat New Mexico State about an hour from now, this actually makes things look good for the coming move to the Mountain West Conference. Not it looks more and more like The MWC is not getting just Boise State and two or three sidekicks. It is something that adds considerable value to the league. A Hawai’i victory over New Mexico State would make us Co-Champions along with Boise and Nevada, helping us in our negations to get into to the Mountain West for Football only. That being said, we still have to beat the Aggies, so I should not be counting my Chickens before they hatch, especially after the egg The Orange and Blue laid.

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