Sunday, November 28, 2010

Futbol Sunday

I am a member of a very rare but growing and thriving species. I am an American soccer fan. Now, now don't get me wrong. I still follow the Holy Trinity of American Sports (though not so much basketball ever since the Kings decided to suck) but, thanks to my brother (who I love any despite his being an Arsenal Fan), I have come to appreciate the Beautiful Game.

All in all, 2010 has been a very good year for us. The Stars and Stripes finished the year with a winning record in international play, including a trip to knockout phase in the World Cup. Though I would have preferred it is our defense did not take fifteen minutes to show up. MLS has been growing and expanding with two new teams joining up in 2011 and one more in 2012 and the quality of play has been improving.

On another note, the San Jose Earthquakes seem to be officially on their way back. Making the playoffs for the first time since returning to league and showing Tierry Henri and Red Bull New York the door before losing to Colorado, the eventual champions. We also have the most effective goal scorer in MLS in Chirs Woldonowski and a strong defense, though losing Joe Cannon the expansion draft does worry me a little.

And on the other side of Pond, just two weeks ago or so, Chelsea looked as though it was securely atop the EPL but a loss to Sunderland , another loss to Birmingham and a DRAW to Newcastle United mean that we are two points BEHIND Satan United. Man oh man come on Blues, please TRY to remember how to play before the New Year.

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